So I'll start. These are my favourites: Steve, my should have been a chef, furnace while I sleep, endlessly entertaining husband. Soon to follow were Jack and Olivia.  Just 1 year apart and a real deep dive into parenthood, they were so much fun that we decided to wait a few years to meet Louise. The one who will forever be the baby, the one with two sets of parents, the one who thinks she's 10 too. The wild one.    

Travel and adventure are up next. There are never enough weeks, or long weekends or Summers in a year to explore the ever expanding list, but I tell you, we do our best. Walking around a new city, town, beach, mountain, whatever it may be, meeting people, capturing as I go and filing away the experiences.  

The pursuit of creating and capturing interaction is what drove me to my career.  It's been 15 years that I have been lucky enough to call this my career.  The goal has always been to capture interaction.  Those smiles and cuddles and that thing you can't actually see in the photo, but you can feel.  It's addictive.  

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